Mechanical Turn Table

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  • Mechanical Turn Table

    The Wire Wizard® Mechanical Turn Table is designed to effortlessly dispense large in wire submerged arc welding applications. The 4-axis adjustable arm features a polished ceramic inlet guide to prevent wire shaving. Turn table base includes heavy duty ball bearings for smooth wire delivery and long service life. Includes built-in fork slots (and optional wheels) for easy mobility. Models available with and without pneumatic brake kit. 1,000 lb (453 kg) capacity.

  • Turn Table Brake Kits

    Pneumatic or drag brake kits are available for the Mechanical Turn Table. The Pneumatic Brake Kit includes a 24 VDC solenoid valve and can be used to slow or stop drum in welding applications where a higher wire feed speed is required and to prevent over-rotating. The economical drag brag is manually adjusted and may be used in applications where the drum rotation speed must be reduced. Turn Tables are available with pneumatic brakes pre-installed.

  • Turn Table Wheel Kit

    The Wheel Kit for the Mechanical Turn Table features four heavy duty casters with roller bearings. Each wheel installs in four pre-drilled holes at the base of the Turn Table. Ideal for applications requiring a higher degree of mobility.

  • Turn Table Protective Cover

    This Protective Cover for the Wire Wizard® Mechanical Turn Table is a recommended accessory to prevent dust, oils, and other industrial contaminants from building up on the wire and causing problems with residue build-up inside the wire delivery system. Constructed of tough polyethylene for long shop life. Compatible with up to 26″ (660mm) drums.

  • Wire Pilot® Feed Assist Turn Table Kits

    Wire Pilot® Feed Assist Kits for the Mechanical Turn Table are recommended in applications with larger wires as well as long distance conduit runs often required in SAW applications with manipulator systems. Kits are available with single or tandem Wire Feed Assists. Includes Feed Assists, brackets, filter/regulator/lubricator and all mounting hardware. Feed Assist drive rolls sold separately.

  • Turn Table Replacement Parts

    • Replacement Liners include ceramic inlet guide to prevent wire shaving
    • Wire Retainer ring prevents wire from flipping out of drum (fits 23.4″ drums)
    • Replacement brake pad fits either pneumatic brake or drag brake
  • Guide Module Turn Table Adapter

    The Turn Table Adapter Bracket securely attaches Guide Module assemblies to the Wire Wizard® Mechanical Turn Table. Compatible with the following models of Guide Modules:

    • WGM-1
    • WGM-1-S
    • WGM-LW-1