Mounting Accessories
  • Guide Module Extension Arms

    Two styles of Guide Module Extension Arms are available:

    • Pivoting Adjustable Extension Arms pivot upward to allow easy wire changeover with drums or reels. Two adjustable arms are available – a short arm that extends 10″ (254 mm) to 18″ (457 mm), and the long arm extends 20″ (508 mm) to 36″ (914 mm).
    • The Adjustable Height Extension Arm extends 2″ (51 mm) to 13″ (330 mm), with an adjustable height up to 6.5″ (165 mm).
  • Guide Module Support Brackets

    A selection of support brackets are available for mounting Wire Wizard® Guide Modules on top of the weld cell wall and other areas. Mounting bolts not included.

  • Guide Module Face Mount Bracket

    Face Mount Brackets are ideal for mounting Wire Wizard® Guide Modules on top of the weld cell wall and other areas. Allows 360° directional adjustment of the Guide Module, which may be secured using the WGM-A5 connector or the A-10HM compression fitting. Non-insulated brackets may be insulated using the WGM-A5 connector. Note: Non-insulated bracket (p/n WGM-A-10BK) does not include mounting bolts.

  • Guide Module L Bracket Kit

    The L-Bracket Mounting Kit is ideal for mounting Wire Wizard® Guide Modules on top of the weld cell wall and other areas. This bracket is recommended when using a 90°, 135° or 180° Guide Module assembly going over the weld cell wall.

  • Guide Module Swivel Kits

    Swivel Kits for Wire Wizard® Guide Modules allow 360° rotation for welding applications with a high degree of mobility. All kits feature a heavy duty swivel with bearings built for industrial applications. Guide Modules shown in images not included. Swivel kits available include:

    • Swivel kit for drum hoods (WGM-HSK-15)
    • Swivel kit for rotation between two modules (WGM-MSK-14)
    • Swivel kit for Lincoln Electric® Series 10 Feeders (WGM-FSK-L)
    • Swivel Kit for Panasonic/OTC® Feeders (WGM-FSK-P)
    • Swivel Kit for Guide Module Stand (WGM-STAND-SW-14)
    • Bracket mounted swivel kit (WGM-SW-BM)
  • Guide Module Wall Mount Kits

    Standard Wall Mount Kits for Wire Wizard® Guide Modules are available for single sided or double sided wall mounted installations on thin walls or cages up to 3/8″ (9.5mm) thick. An Adjustable Wall Mount Kit is available for installations on walls up to 3″ (76mm) thick.

  • Guide Module Floor Mount Bracket

    The Floor Mount Bracket for Wire Wizard® Guide Modules may be attached to one or both sides of the Guide Module. Floor mounting bolts not included.

  • Guide Module / Feed Assist Stand

    This adjustable stand is designed for mounting Wire Wizard® Guide Modules or the Wire Pilot® Feed Assist in a position above a wood reel or drum of wire. An optional wire spool holder is also available to make this stand compatible with spools. The stand may be used with up to four wire packages in one location, making it the ideal solution for centrally locating your wire (additional extension arms required). When used in combination with a 180° Guide Module assembly, the stand provides the perfect setup for applications where the wire source is located on a mezzanine above the cell. Adjustable height from 50”–86” (1.3-2.2m).

  • Guide Module Drum Mount Kit

    The Wire Wizard® Guide Module Drum Mounting Kit provides a simple and secure solution for mounting Guide Modules onto Wire Wizard® drum hoods. Guide Module assemblies of 45°, 90°, 135° and 180° may be used with this kit.

  • Guide Module Hanging Brackets

    Hanging Brackets for Wire Wizard® Guide Modules are available for 45° and 90° Guide Module Assemblies. WizardGear® Balancers are recommended for hanging.

  • Guide Module Stackable Bracket

    The Stackable Bracket allows for mounting up to three stacked Wire Wizard® Guide Modules. Ideal for installations on robotic cells with multiple robots.

  • Guide Module Feeder Mount Kit

    The Feeder Inlet Mounting Kit for Wire Wizard® Guide Modules is designed for mounting Guide Module assemblies to a wire feeder through an existing bracket or panel. Inspect wire feeder design for compatibility prior to ordering. Bracket shown for example only, not included with kit.

  • Guide Module Turn Table Adapter

    The Turn Table Adapter Bracket securely attaches Guide Module assemblies to the Wire Wizard® Mechanical Turn Table. Compatible with the following models of Guide Modules:

    • WGM-1
    • WGM-1-S
    • WGM-LW-1