The WeldCOP™ program is the core service offered by Wire Wizard® Welding Products designed to optimize weld cell productivity. It includes weld cell monitoring, auditing and training services. Upon completion of the program, an optimization plan is developed to establish welding performance standards that can be used for individual or multiple facilities performing the same welding processes. The ultimate goal of the WeldCOP™ program is to optimize the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of all welding operations, resulting in substantial long-term cost savings and maximum productivity.

A Four Stage Process to Optimize OEE

Training Programs

In order to maintain the standards developed through the WeldCOP™ program, it’s critical that plant personnel are properly trained to understand and implement optimum welding procedures. Basic, intermediate and advanced training programs are available from our team of experienced welding professionals. Training courses and programs are available for:

  • Maintaining WeldCOP™ OEE performance standards
  • Setup and maintenance of wire delivery & peripheral equipment
  • Basic and advanced processes & applications
  • Welding safety training
  • Weld cell troubleshooting

Installation Services

Need help with installation? Wire Wizard’s team of technical experts are professionally trained and ready to help install any Wire Wizard® product in your facility. Whether it’s setting up the ideal wire delivery system for a MIG or SAW welding application, or assistance with integrating high performance PowerBall® Torch Products, we’re here to maximize your weld cell efficiency!