Wizard Tech

Become a Welding Wizard! Now is the perfect time to expand your industry knowledge by learning about new products, tools and techniques to solve the toughest welding challenges. Our comprehensive online training system includes a series of training modules that cover everything from wire dispensing basics to optimizing equipment for maximum arc welding performance and productivity! Click here to sign up for the Wizard Tech Online Training Program.

  • Online training utilizes GoToMeeting video conferencing platform and can be completed from the office or in the comfort of your own home – ideal for social distancing measures currently in place
  • Start with a full product line & solutions overview and choose the training modules that you’re interested in
  • Discover how to solve wire delivery problems in a variety of arc welding processes and applications
  • Learn proper installation of wire delivery systems, peripherals and torch equipment
  • Gain valuable knowledge to make process improvements for increased productivity and a positive ROI

Training Programs Currently Available

Training modules are continually added to the Wizard Tech program to cover training in Wire Wizard product lines and different welding applications, along with tips & tricks for optimizing welding performance. The following modular training programs are currently available:

  • Wire Wizard® Product Line Overview
  • Wire Dispensing Basics
  • Wire Dispensing Systems
  • Wire Dispensing Optimization
  • Torch Liners
  • Anti-spatter
  • Nozzle Cleaning Stations
  • PowerBall® Torch Products

Ready to become a Welding Wizard? Sign up online for the Wizard Tech Training Program and a Wire Wizard® Technical Expert will contact you soon to schedule your first training session. For questions and additional information, email us at wizardtech@wire-wizard.com.