Tools and Maintenance

  • Wire Tracker Digital Wire Monitor

    The Wire Tracker™ Digital Wire Monitor provides an easy way to monitor and track wire in robotic or semi-automatic MIG welding applications. The device may be mounted in-line for 24/7 monitoring or used as a portable unit to check wire usage per weld or wire feed speed. It provides a simple and accurate method for monitoring and totalizing wire consumption and measurement & verification of wire feed speed. The unit can also monitor and detect potential wire delivery issues with the optional add-on Feed Motor Current Sensor.

  • Multifunction Wire & Welding Pliers

    Wire Wizard® Multifunction Wire & Welding Pliers are heavy duty pliers designed for use with MIG welding guns and the wire delivery system. The pliers feature rounded tips for sharply bending wire for easy feeding through Wire Guide Modules and the rest of the wire delivery system. Additionally, they serve as an indispensable welding tool for servicing and maintaining welding consumables and removing spatter build-up. Manufactured from heavy duty chrome vanadium, they are built to last in a tough industrial environment. Package includes convenient tool belt pouch.

  • Wire Feed Speed Sensor – Torch End

    This hand-held, battery operated tachometer incorporates the latest single chip micro-circuit technology for high reliability and low maintenance. Capable of measuring and retaining RPH, RPM, FPH, FPM and MPH. Feed wheels provide easy measurements at the torch end to verify and fine tune wire feed speed. Includes carrying case. Manual application only. Does not take continuous readings.

  • Wire Draw Gauge

    The Wire Wizard® Wire Draw Gauge is designed to accurately measure the draw weight of MIG welding wire pulling through the conduit. This allows the operator to troubleshoot wire delivery problems and check the amount of strain the wire is creating on the feed motor. Hand-held, battery powered (9-volt). Max pull weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg).

  • Gas Tracker Gas Flow Monitor

    The Gas Tracker™ Digital Gas Flow Monitor provides an easy way to monitor and track shielding gas flow in robotic or semi-automatic MIG or TIG welding applications. The Gas Tracker™ is two monitors in one – it may be used as a portable unit or mounted in-line. Provides a simple and accurate method for monitoring & totalizing incoming gas flow, or measurement and verification of gas flow at the nozzle.

    Note: Due to high demand, Gas Tracker™ shipments may be delayed 6-8 weeks. If you have a specific need by date, please enter this in the notes section of your quote request.

  • Polymer Conduit Cutter

    The heavy duty Polymer Conduit Cutter is designed to trim all sizes of polymer conduit with ease. The heat treated steel cutting blade cleanly cuts through conduit. 8.5” (216mm) long.

  • Polymer Conduit Countersink Tool

    Use this ratcheting Countersink Tool for countersinking the ends of polymer conduit to prevent wire hang-ups. Required for proper installation, except on pre-cut lengths with connectors pre-installed.

  • Guide Module Tool & Diagnostic Kit

    The Guide Module Tool & Diagnostic Kit Contains all the essential tools for installation & testing of the Guide Module System. The kit includes:

    • Required wrenches/pliers
    • Countersink Tool
    • Stone bit for rotary tools
    • Wire Draw Gauge
    • Extra nuts & bolts
    • Installation videos (on USB drive)