Large Guide Modules

Large Guide Modules
  • 45° Large Guide Module XL

    The Wire Wizard® Guide Module System utilizes a series of rollers with bearings to allow the weld wire to “coast” around bends and corners in the conduit, eliminating the points of high friction that occur in these areas. By eliminating the friction on the wire, it eliminates arc failures, improves consistency and enables considerably longer conduit runs of 100 feet or more. Each 45° Guide Module XL may be connected to additional modules to form turns of 90°, 135° or 180°. XL Guide Modules contain heavy duty steel rollers and are compatible with large wire up to 5/32″ (4mm). Required end cap kits sold separately.

  • Guide Module XL End Cap Kit

    Wire Wizard® Guide Module XL End Cap Kits include both ends (end cap A & B) and attachment hardware. Each end is 1/2″ NPS-F threaded to fit connectors such as the A-9 or A-5HD.

  • Guide Module XL Connectors

    Three connector options are available for the Large Wire Guide Module XL:

    • Thread-in Compression Connector (1/2″ NPS-M) for connecting FC-XH-LW Conduit (A-9)
    • Quick disconnect fitting (1/2″ NPS-M) for HD style connectors used with FC-XH-LW Conduit (A-5HD)
    • Male quick disconnect adapter that fits A-5HD and other HD style disconnects (WGM-LW-049)
  • Guide Module XL Hanging Bracket

    The XL hanging bracket fits both individual 45° and combined 90° Wire Wizard® Guide Module XL assemblies. Includes attachment hardware.

  • Guide Module XL Feed Assist Adapter

    Use this delrin adapter for directly connecting the Large Guide Module XL (at the end cap kit) to the Wire Pilot® Wire Feed Assist. Compatible with PFA-LM-15 or PFA-WT Wire Feed Assist models.

  • FLEX Guide Modules for Large Wire

    Featuring the same innovative concept as the fixed radius Wire Wizard® Guide Modules, the Guide Module® FLEX System is designed especially for welding applications using a traversing axis, gantry or boom. The FLEX utilizes a series of rollers with bearings to eliminate skid friction on the wire, providing a smooth, consistent wire feed. Externally mountable to select igus® Track Systems. Large FLEX Modules are compatible with steel wire 1/16″ to 5/32” (1.6–4mm), making them an ideal solution for SAW welding applications. End caps (sold separately) are 1/2″ NPT-F threaded to fit Large Guide Module Fittings. Patent pending design.

  • End Cap Kit for Large FLEX Modules

    End caps are required when installing Large FLEX Modules. Each kit includes one of each end cap. Each end cap is 1/2″ NPT-F threaded to fit Large Guide Module fittings. Two kits are available, one with a flange for mounting (inc. 4 mounting holes) and one without. End caps are 1/2″ NPT-F threaded to fit Large Guide Module Fittings.

  • Guide Module Turn Table Adapter

    The Turn Table Adapter Bracket securely attaches Guide Module assemblies to the Wire Wizard® Mechanical Turn Table. Compatible with the following models of Guide Modules:

    • WGM-1
    • WGM-1-S
    • WGM-LW-1
  • Guide Module Direct Pull Inlet Guide

    Direct pull inlet guide fitting (for feeding wire directly into Module) for the following models of Wire Wizard® Guide Modules:

    • WGM-1
    • WGM-1-S
    • WGM-M-1
    • WGM-LW-1

    Includes ceramic inlet to eliminate wire shaving. Compatible with ferrous or non-ferrous wires.