Wire Guide Module® System

Wire Wizard® Guide Module System

The innovative Wire Wizard® Guide Module System utilizes a series of rollers with bearings to allow the weld wire to "coast" around bends and corners in the conduit, eliminating the points of high friction that occur in these areas. By eliminating the friction on the wire, it eliminates arc failures, improves consistency and enables considerably longer conduit runs of 100 feet or more, allowing wire packages to be centrally located. Each 45° Guide Module may be connected to additional modules to form turns of 90°, 135° or 180° within the wire dispensing system. Compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous wires. Patented Design.

  • Eliminates skid friction on the wire in areas where bends/corners are necessary throughout the wire dispensing system
  • The Guide Module System has turned POUNDS of pull force at the feeder into OUNCES!
  • Increases consumable life by reducing wire friction
  • Smooth, low friction wire feeding improves consistency of welds, eliminates arc failures and reduces downtime
  • Allows long distance conduit runs of 100 ft+ (30.5m+)
  • May be mounted to the drum cover, on the weld cell or in-line; compatible with drums, boxes & wood reels
  • Saves floor space by allowing wire packages to be located closer to the cell wall
  • Four Models Available to Cover Virtually all Welding Applications:
    • Standard Guide Module: For solid wires .035 to 5/64” (0.9 – 2mm)
    • 90° Mini Guide Module: For solid wires up to .052 (1.3mm), compact size for tight 90° turns
    • Heavy Duty Guide Module HD: For cored & stainless steel wires .035 to 5/64” (0.9 – 2mm)
    • Large Guide Module XL: Compatible with large wire 3/32” to 5/32” (2.4 – 4mm)

Application Examples