Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment
  • COMMANDO 40 Dry Ice Blaster

    The CO2MMANDO 40 All Pneumatic Dry Ice Cleaning Machine is a portable dry ice blasting workhorse requiring only compressed air for operation. Built ready to tackle the toughest cleaning applications, it provides an economical and efficient way to clean a wide variety of surfaces using standard dry ice pellets. Featuring the Nu-Ice Age patent pending BlitzFeed™ dry ice delivery system with freezeless operation, the CO2MMANDO 40 is reliable and ready to report for duty!

  • COMMANDO 55 Dry Ice Blaster

    The CO2MMANDO 55 Dry Ice Cleaning Machine is a powerful pneumatic & electric machine built to take on even the most challenging cleaning applications. Ideal for heavy duty cleaning and commercial cleaning service applications, the CO2MMANDO 55 features a larger 55 lbs (25 kg) hopper and an increased air flow capacity for maximum blasting velocity. Featuring the Nu-Ice Age patent pending BlitzFeed™ dry ice delivery system with freezeless operation.

  • COMMANDO 75 Dry Ice Blaster

    No job is too big for the new CO2MMANDO 75 All Pneumatic Dry Ice Cleaning Machine! With a large 75 lbs (34 kg) hopper capacity, the machine is built to blast all day long, making it the perfect choice for cleaning larger surface areas or any cleaning applications requiring extended operation time. Featuring the Nu-Ice Age patent pending BlitzFeed™ dry ice delivery system with freezeless operation, the CO2MMANDO 75 is reliable and ready to report for duty!

  • COMMANDO XP Dry Ice Blaster

    The COMMANDO® XP Dry Ice Blasting Machine is designed for precise and delicate cleaning applications in industrial environments. The machine features a 10 lb (4.5 kg) hopper, the BlitzFeed® freezeless dry ice delivery system and a pellet fragmenter for delicate cleaning. The COMMANDO® XP is a dual-function machine – it is capable of both precision & aggressive blasting with standard dry ice pellets. Proudly Made in USA.

  • COMMAND AIR 500 Aftercooler

    Engineered to handle the most demanding dry ice blasting applications, the Command Air® 500 efficiently cools, filters and dries the hot moist air produced by diesel air compressors and supports up to two compressors and blasters simultaneously. The aftercooler features self-purging automatic drains, a robust steel frame and airless tires for easy mobility. A high quality coalescing grade filter (.7 micron) removes particulate and a moisture filter efficiently removes water from the air supply, providing dry, filtered air to your equipment. This aftercooler is the ideal solution for supplying single or tandem dry ice blasters, sand blasters, soda blasters or any other equipment requiring cool, dry air for operation.

  • Blasting Nozzles

    A variety of blasting nozzles are available for different cleaning applications. The CO2MMANDO AP Dry Ice Blasting Machine includes one round nozzle (P/N: IB10G134) and one medium flow fan nozzle (P/N: IBN003).

  • Nozzle Extensions and Fittings

    Three nozzle extensions are available in 12″, 18″ and 24″ lengths.

    Nozzle adapter fittings (P/N: IB10G131) are recommended for additional nozzles. Using just one fitting will require removal and re-installation of fitting when changing nozzles.

  • Blasting Hose (25 ft)

    25′ (7.62 m) replacement blasting hose for the CO2MMANDO AP Dry Ice Blaster. Heavy duty with protective sleeve and control cable. Rated for 50-150 PSI to cover most blasting applications.

  • Replacement Storage Cover

    Durable nylon machine covers are available for the COMMANDO® 55, 40, 40 PRO, 75 and XP Dry Ice Blasters. They are ideal for storage and protection when transporting the machine between job sites.