Gas Optimization Products

  • Gas Wizard Inert Gas Savers – Adjustable

    Gas Wizard™ Inert Gas Savers are designed to reduce gas consumption by restricting the gas surge that occurs at arc initiation, saving 35% or more on shielding gas! The new Adjustable Gas Saver is ideal for virtually all welding applications and allows fine tuning of the gas flow, which is an added benefit for facilities utilizing long bulk gas delivery systems with pressure drops.

  • Gas Tracker Gas Flow Monitor

    The Gas Tracker™ Digital Gas Flow Monitor provides an easy way to monitor and track shielding gas flow in robotic or semi-automatic MIG or TIG welding applications. The Gas Tracker™ is two monitors in one – it may be used as a portable unit or mounted in-line. Provides a simple and accurate method for monitoring & totalizing incoming gas flow, or measurement and verification of gas flow at the nozzle.

    Note: Due to high demand, Gas Tracker™ shipments may be delayed 6-8 weeks. If you have a specific need by date, please enter this in the notes section of your quote request.

  • Gas Flow Gauge for Robotic or Handheld Welding

    This easy to use manual Gas Flow Gauge measures the actual flow of shielding gas from the MIG/TIG torch, allowing adjustments to be made at the cylinder gauge if necessary. An economical solution for improving overall welding performance. For digital gas flow measurement and monitoring, see the Gas Tracker™ Digital Gas Flow Monitor.

    • Measures gas flow consumption (cfh or lpm) at nozzle
    • Features flexible hose for easy operator readings on robotic torches
    • May be used with semi-automatic torches as well, ideal for facilities with both robotic and semi-automatic welding operations
  • Weld Shield Gas Flow Switch

    This compact flow switch provides reliable and accurate detection of excessive or insufficient flow rate at the weld point. A digital display offers visual flow rate indication for quick and easy switch adjustment. Precalibrated for common Ar/CO2 welding gas mixtures, including: 92/8, 90/10, 80/20, 70/30 and 60/40. PNP or NPN models available