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Conduit and Torch Liners


Black Extra Flexible Conduit
Our most flexible conduit displays exceptional wear characteristics and very low drag coefficient. Perfect for robotics, gantry, linear, or any application where a tighter radius is required. Can be joined with our EC polymer conduit. Available in pre-cut or 1 to 100 ft (30.5cm to 30.5m) bulk coil. All Extra Flexible Conduit now features Conduit Armor™ spatter-resistant coating and patent pending elliptical wire liners (see below).

Green Polymer Conduit (blue prior to 2016)
Known throughout the industry for its longevity and low drag coefficient, this durable conduit has proven to outlast metal lined products while still providing as much as 4 pounds (1.81kg) less pull on the feed motor. It’s your first choice for stationary, slightly moving feed units or any application requiring 15 ft (4.57m) or longer wire runs.

Torch Liners
E-Power™ Torch Liners also use the same patent pending elliptical wire liner design used in our Extra Flexible Conduit. Click here for more details on E-Power™ Liners.

  Tested and proven to have the lowest friction coefficient in the industry
  Helically wound elliptical wire spring liner relieves strain, minimizes friction & reduces wire shaving
(patent pending)
  Spatter resistant outer jacket standard on all Extra Flexible Conduit
  The high flexural strength of crosslinked polymer conduit means it will not break when constantly flexed
  Greater stem strength prevents conduit from drooping
  Available in pre-cut lengths of 10, 15, 20 or 25 ft (3, 4.6, 6.1 or 7.6m), or in bulk rolls

Green Polymer Conduit
Part #
Self Thread / Compression
Replacement Ferrule
.175 ID x .340 OD (4.4 x 8.6mm)
A-16F-3 / A-10C-S
.300 ID x .460 OD (7.6 x 11.7mm)
A-16F-4 / A-10C-H
.400 ID x .600 OD (10.2 x 15.2mm)
A-16F-5 / A-10R
.550 ID x .750 OD (14 x 19mm)
A-16F-6 / A-9/A-6

Extra Flexible Conduit
Part #
Replacement Ferrule
.090 ID x .353 OD (2.3 x 9mm)
.241 ID x .500 OD (6.1 x 12.7mm)
.291 ID x .610 OD (7.4 x 15.5mm)
.390 ID x .750 OD (10 x 19mm)

Wire Wizard® E-Power™ Torch Liners are designed to provide superior feedability with a low skid friction. The spring liners are made with a helically wound elliptical wire with a proprietary coating that both reduces friction and eliminates wire shaving. The result is a durable, long lasting torch liner that will reduce costly downtime caused by wire feeding issues. Patent pending design.

  Patent pending Elliptical Wire with proprietary coating reduces skid friction and eliminates wire shaving
  Long life due to less friction and reduced wear
  Durable outer jacket extends 60” (1524 mm) to minimize gas loss at the back of the torch
  Reduces costly downtime caused by wire feeding issues
  Liners available for all major domestic and imported torch manufacturers
  Trial packages available, contact customer service for details
Friction Test Results: Pull Test
In this test, 15 ft of torch liner was wrapped around three times in a circular radius and .045 steel wire was pulled through by the wire feeder at a rate of 175 IPM.

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