More manufacturers are discovering the advantages of the innovative PowerBall® torch design, often seeing consumable life lasting 2X longer or more than their previous MIG welding guns.The patented design features an all-copper current path with an elliptical connection point between the tip and diffuser assembly for optimum current transfer. Read below how one manufacturer recently powered up their welding productivity with PowerBall® MIG guns in a challenging welding application!

  • Patented PowerBall® design features all-copper current path from the tip to the power source
  • Long-life contact tips offer unrivaled performance and reduced downtime
  • Fully repairable for increased service life & reduced long-term ownership cost
  • Optimized tip geometry and reduced heat prevents spatter build-up and burn backs
  • Replacement consumables also available for robotic & semi-automatic torches

Utilizing multiple MIG gun models in the same facility? PowerBall® replacement consumables allow the same contact tips and nozzles to be used on all different models of MIG guns. Replacement diffusers are available for most torch manufacturers (slip-on or thread-on nozzle styles available). Proudly made in USA, in stock and always ready to ship! PowerBall® contact tips and nozzles will not only make organization and reordering easier, they also provide an extended consumable life with less visits to the tool crib!

A Great Lakes based manufacturer of material handling products had already optimized their wire delivery system with Wire Wizard® wire dispensing equipment, but still faced problems with MIG welding guns, anti-spatter and nozzle cleaning stations. These challenges included:

  • Poor consumable life with current MIG welding guns
  • Excess anti-spatter use and paint problems due to an oil-based formula
  • Extended time required for part cleanup due to the oil-based anti-spatter
  • Current nozzle cleaning station was expensive to maintain with costly replacement parts

PowerBall® MIG Welding Guns replaced the previous guns, providing up to 2X longer consumable life with superior performance in a high duty cycle application. Water-based Blue Chill® Anti-Spatter replaced the oil-based anti-spatter, eliminating the excess part cleanup time and resulted in 15% less anti-spatter used per part. A Torch Wizard® Nozzle Cleaning Station was installed in a robotic cell. This provided a more cost-effective solution than the previous unit, with economical yet durable TiN coated reamer blades and the added performance benefits of Blue Chill® anti-spatter.

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