Current global supply chain issues posing challenges for you or your customers? Wire Wizard has American-made replacement torch liners readily available for most MIG gun manufacturers.

E-PowerŪ Torch Liners provide a simple and cost-effective way of boosting the performance of existing robotic and semi-automatic MIG Guns. By reducing wire skid friction, wire vibration and wire shaving, they can provide instant results with improved welding quality, consistency and smoother wire delivery. Click here to see our available selection of torch liners, in stock and ready to ship!

  • Elliptical wire liner with proprietary coating reduces skid friction and eliminates wire shaving
  • 72% LESS wire skid friction vs. round wire liners (tested with .045 wire @ 175 IPM and 15' liner length)
  • Long life due to less friction and reduced wear
  • Reduces wire vibration that can cause arc failures and poor welding consistency
  • Durable outer jacket minimizes gas loss at back end of the torch
  • Available for most torch brands, including: Tweco®, Bernard®, Tregaskiss®, Lincoln Electric®, Abicor Binzel®, OTC® and others
  • PowerBall® high performance replacement torch consumables also available
  • Proudly Made in USA

Not sure which conduit to choose for your welding application? Wire Wizard® Welding Products has a handy reference sheet for assisting with conduit selection based on your welding configuration. The sheet includes a description of the seven variables of wire dispensing, which should be kept in mind when choosing the correct conduit. Here are brief descriptions of each style of conduit we have available, each engineered for superior wire feedability for the applications they are designed for...

Advanced Polymer Conduit features an advanced polymer formula for extended wear & durability. It's required for aluminum wire and the top choice for stationary carbon steel wire applications.

Extra Flexible Conduit features our patented low-friction elliptical wire liner design with dual jacketing for high durability in demanding robotic MIG welding and SAW applications.

Extreme Flex Conduit (FC-E) has a single spatter-resistant jacket with enhanced flexibility for robotic welding applications requiring a high degree of mobility in tight spaces.

Polymer-lined FC-E Conduit is designed specifically for robotic applications using aluminum wire. The durable polymer liner is compatible with up to 1/16" (1.6 mm) wire.


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Expand your industry knowledge by learning about new products, tools and techniques to solve the toughest welding challenges. Our comprehensive online training system includes a series of training modules that cover everything from wire dispensing basics to optimizing equipment for maximum arc welding performance and productivity.

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