Featuring the same innovative concept as the fixed radius Wire Wizard® Guide Modules, the Guide Module® FLEX System is designed especially for welding applications using a traversing robot, gantry, boom or seam welder. FLEX Modules utilize a series of rollers with bearings to eliminate skid friction on the wire, providing a smooth, consistent wire feed. Models available for both standard and large diameter wire. Patent pending design.

  • Excellent for aluminum and light wire applications where wire friction must be minimized
  • Standard FLEX Modules are compatible with solid wires (ferrous or non-ferrous) .035 to 1/16" (0.9 – 1.6 mm)
  • Large FLEX Modules compatible with steel wire 1/16" to 5/32" (1.6 – 4 mm), ideal for SAW applications
  • Internally or externally mountable to select igus® e-chain® cable carrier systems
  • Available mounting channel provides safe & secure mounting in traversing applications
FLEX Modules installed inside an igus® cable carrier with robot mounted on a linear track
Photo courtesy of PA Robotics

FLEX Modules installed in a cable carrier on a seam welder

Have you seen the November issue of the Welding Journal focused on the Military & Veterans? Check out our article on page 52 featuring several Wire Wizard Veteran team members. Our history with Veterans goes all the way back to our roots with ELCo Founder and CEO Edward Cooper, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who served in Vietnam. We are proud of our Veteran team members and the incredible skills & work ethic they bring to the workplace!

Read the Welding Journal online at https://www.aws.org/publications/WeldingJournal

With Blue Magic® applied before welding, spatter was easily cleaned up on this sample.

While the primary purpose of anti-spatter is to keep nozzles and contact tips spatter free to avoid arc failures and extend consumable life, it can also be applied directly to parts to make spatter removal a breeze when part rework or touch-up is necessary. With anti-spatter applied to the workpiece surface prior to welding, spatter beads can often be removed using faster and safer methods than a grinder that can damage the surface of the part, such as a wire brush or scraping tool. Applying anti-spatter to larger surface areas can be done quickly using a pneumatic spray gun, which can also be used with bulk dispensing kits such as the DMK or 5GMK.

Worried about paint finish? Blue Magic® and Blue Chill® Anti-spatter feature a water-based formula for easy cleanup, and outperformed other anti-spatters when tested for paint finish quality. The samples below were painted directly over a dried layer of anti-spatter - we didn't even wipe it off! Standard part cleaning processes will easily remove the anti-spatter to ensure a professional finish on every part.

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