While supply chain issues have been causing headaches throughout the industry, Wire Wizard’s line of Torch Wizard® high performance robotic nozzle cleaning stations and other weld cell support products are proudly Made in USA with select models in stock and ready to ship!

Torch Wizard® Cleaning Stations feature a design without any complex circuit boards, eliminating the long lead times caused by the supply shortage and also providing more reliable operation in high volume production applications. Contact your Wire Wizard® Technical Sales Expert for more info or to request a quotation.

The updated PFA-LM-20 Wire Pilot® Pneumatic Wire Feed Assist (PFA) includes a redesigned, more compact industrial enclosure to keep out industrial contaminants. It still offers the same reliable performance as the previous model, providing a "push-pull" system to help the wire feeder move wire through the conduit in applications where there must be minimal friction, travel a long distance or where the workload on the wire feeder must be reduced. Adjustable torque setting prevents "bird nesting," commonly occurring in aluminum or light wire applications. Compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous wire. Patented design.

  • Prevents burn backs caused by wire feeding problems
  • Enables longer conduit runs (150 ft/46 m+), enabling centrally located wire packages as well as allowing the use of bulk wire in many applications that would normally require small spools
  • Solves many feeding issues with large diameter wire used for SAW
  • Eliminates drag coefficient inside the conduit
  • Extends conduit life and increases arc-on time
  • New PFA-LM-20 model Wire Feed Assist replaces PFA-LM-15 model, as well as the PFA-LM model effective January 2022
  • Utilizes same inlet guides and drive rolls as the PFA-LM Feed Assist model

In addition to bulk wire packages, the Wire Pilot® Feed Assist can also be used with spools. Shown here is an installation utilizing a Feed Assist with a spool of aluminum wire. A spool mount (WGM-PFA-STAND-SPOOL) is available for the WGM-PFA-STAND. A ceramic inlet guide (PFA-35) is used to smoothly feed the wire without shaving. Wire Guide Modules are also recommended for this setup to ensure friction-free wire delivery around corners with soft aluminum wire. Combined with the Feed Assist, this system can provide reliable wire feeding over long distances in challenging aluminum welding applications.

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