Torch Wizard® Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Stations are engineered to maximize consumable life and weld cell uptime. Built tough for reliable performance in high volume production applications, they feature no belts that wear out and no complex circuit boards that burn out in industrial environments. Durable titanium nitride coated reamer blades provide extended blade life, reducing maintenance time to replace worn or broken blades. It’s the cleaning station you need when you want to get the job done, no matter how heavy the workload!

  • Extends torch consumable life by removing spatter build-up
  • Integrated air blast option for automated cleaning of spatter and debris from the reamer motor, reducing downtime for maintenance (on SC models)
  • Multi-station bulk anti-spatter dispensing ability standard on all models
  • No circuit boards and fewer moving parts means more reliable operation and lower maintenance costs
  • Ethernet option available for integration in modern weld cells
  • TiN coated reamer blades offer efficiency and longevity
  • Extended warranty with the use of Blue Magic® or Blue Chill® Anti-spatter
  • Model for aluminum welding applications also available

Utilizing wood reels for your bulk MIG or SAW wire? While fiber drums are overall more common in industrial welding these days, wood reels are an ideal solution for certain welding applications. With the proper wire delivery equipment, wood reels can offer a reliable wire feed with more precise wire placement since the wire maintains less of a cast than it does in drum packaging. For large wire diameters this can be critical, which is why many larger wires (such as those used in SAW applications) are often dispensed from reels rather than drums.

Dispensing wire from wood reels does not come without challenges, but Wire Wizard's line of Wood Reel Delivery Solutions has you covered!

Traditional Dereeling Arms
Traditional dereeling arms for wood reels were one of Wire Wizard's very first products and the original patented design is still very much the same, offering reliable wire delivery without tangles or shingling.
Guide Module® Dereeling Arm
Want precise wire placement AND low wire friction? You can have both with the Wire Guide Module® Dereeling Arm. The ideal choice when you want ultimate control over your wire, it is recommended for lighter and non-ferrous wires.
Wood Reel Covers
Durable cover protects wire from dust and other industrial contaminants
Wood Reel Dolly
Easily transport heavy reels! 1,400 lbs (635.6 kg) capacity
Vertical Dereeler
Designed to vertically dispense up to two reels (Wire Feed Assist optional)

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