Eliminate downtime for bulk wire changeover in robotic welding applications with the Non-Stop® Wire Dispensing System! An innovative process joins the end wire from the active drum with the start wire of a new full drum. With the Butt Welder Docking Station, both butt-welding and flash removal operations are quick & easy to complete and the two wire ends may be joined during the welding cycle.

  • Eliminates downtime for wire changeover
  • No operator action needed – robots can continue to weld while the next full drum is being installed
    Designed for use with optional Wire Pilot® Feed Assist and Wire Guide Modules
  • Fast ROI by eliminating wire changeover time, which can sometimes be up to 15 minutes (or more)
  • Works with one or two-station robotic cells (2 or 4 drums)
  • Accepts any bulk wire packaging design with the end wire present at the top of the drum or box
  • Easy-to-use resistance Butt Welder Docking Station welds up to 0.078"/ 2 mm wire
  • Mountable to floor or wall (mounting holes included)
  • Appropriate drum hoods and drum handling carts available



In addition to the Non-Stop® System, an extended life torch liner is another easy way of reducing downtime. E-Power® Torch Liners provide a simple and cost-effective way of boosting the performance of existing robotic and semi-automatic MIG torches. By reducing wire skid friction, wire vibration and wire shaving, they can provide instant results with improved welding quality, consistency and smoother wire delivery.

  • Patented elliptical wire liner design with proprietary coating reduces skid friction and eliminates wire shaving
  • 72% LESS wire skid friction vs. round wire liners (as tested with 0.045 wire @ 175 IPM and 15' liner length)
  • Long life due to less friction and reduced wear
  • Full length and jump liners available for robotic and semi-automatic welding applications
  • Reduces wire vibration that can cause arc failures and poor welding consistency


Downtime in an automated manufacturing environment is the #1 productivity killer! Luckily, Wire Wizard® has a full line of optimization products to eliminate downtime and keep your weld cells up and running. Wire delivery problems, spatter, shielding gas flow issues and damaged cables are all common causes of excess downtime.

Here are six quick tips and some products to enhance welding productivity in automated arc welding applications:

  1. Use the proper wire delivery equipment. From duct tape to a garden hose used for weld wire conduit, our technical sales team has seen it all! Our full line of MIG wire delivery products features quality equipment for virtually every robotic arc welding application, all built to optimize welding performance in an industrial environment.
  2. Ensure your gas flow is optimized. Blockages in gas lines and improperly adjusted shielding gas are a common problem in arc welding, and can lead to porosity issues and excess gas usage. Gas flow may be checked and monitored with the Gas Tracker™ Digital Gas Flow Monitor. Additionally, gas usage may be reduced with the Gas Wizard® Gas Saver.
  3. Keep torch nozzles clean and spatter-free. Spatter build-up on the nozzle and contact tip will eventually lead to a burn back, bringing your production line to a halt! The Torch Wizard® Nozzle Cleaning Station and Blue Magic® Anti-spatter are designed for heavy duty industrial welding, keeping your torch nozzles clean for consistent welding performance and quality.
  4. For aluminum and light wires with less column strength, special care must be taken to avoid wire delivery problems such as "birdnesting" (see photo) at the wire feeder. Avoid sharp bends in the wire delivery system with Wire Guide Modules. The Wire Pilot® Feed Assist can prevent birdnesting by providing a "push-pull" system at the wire source.
  5. Periodically, all welding power cables should be inspected for damage and wear. A damaged cable can result in poor current flow, leading to weld quality problems due to an unstable arc - and eventually, arc failure. PowerBall® Welding Cables are built tough for industrial applications, featuring ultrasonically welded copper lugs for long life and consistent current flow.
  6. Don't let your wire run out! Waiting until the wire burns back into the contact tip at the end of the wire supply results in additional downtime. Be prepared by monitoring your wire with a Wire Presence Sensor or Wire Level Gauge that attaches to the outside of bulk wire drums. Avoid this problem altogether with the Non-Stop® Wire System, which keeps your robots welding by joining the wires from drums together for continuous wire delivery.

Having other welding automation problems? Talk to one of our technical sales experts, we're here to help solve your toughest welding challenges!

Wire Wizard® Welding Products features a continually expanding line of weld wire delivery equipment and weld cell peripherals. We want to be your #1 welding product supplier; our team is committed to maximizing value through the finest quality products shipped in a timely manner at a competitive price. Our product catalog is available online or by mail in printed form.

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The new PowerBall® Torch Product Catalog is now available! This catalog includes our complete line of high performance torch products, including PowerBall® High Performance MIG Welding Guns and Consumables, PowerBall® Welding Cable, Direct Replacement Solutions and Torch Tools & Accessories.

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Expand your industry knowledge by learning about new products, tools and techniques to solve the toughest welding challenges. Our comprehensive online training system includes a series of training modules that cover everything from wire dispensing basics to optimizing equipment for maximum arc welding performance and productivity.

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