Did you know Wire Wizard® Welding Products has a full line of innovative wire delivery equipment and torch products designed for trouble-free delivery of aluminum wire?

Since aluminum is much softer than steel, it is more susceptible to causing wire feeding issues around bends and turns in the wire delivery system. That is why it is critical to minimize wire friction wherever possible. Wire Guide Modules are used around turns in the delivery system to eliminate friction at these points. A Wire Pilot® Wire Feed Assist is highly recommended for aluminum wire. The Feed Assist creates a “push-pull” system at the wire source, which eliminates excess skid friction as well as “bird-nesting” that can occur at the wire feeder.
Below is an example of an optimized aluminum wire delivery setup for a robotic MIG welding application (similar products are recommended for semi-automatic applications).

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The Torch Wizard® Self-Cleaning Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Station is a low maintenance workhorse designed for high volume applications. The station features a self-cleaning air blast to clean spatter and other debris from the blade and air motor. A durable & replaceable nozzle brush easily removes spatter build-up from torch nozzles in aluminum welding applications. Reamer blades are available for steel applications. Evacuation chute and tool center point options shown in photo sold separately. Standard model without self-cleaning feature also available.

  • Features integrated air blast for automated cleaning of spatter and debris from the reamer motor, reducing downtime for maintenance
  • Durable nozzle brush for aluminum welding swiftly removes spatter from torch nozzles
  • Extends torch consumable life by removing spatter build-up
  • High torque motor prevents stalls, reducing downtime
  • No expensive circuit boards or belts – less moving parts for reliable, low-cost operation
  • Recommended wire cutter is ideal for removing ball at the wire end for smooth arc initiation
  • Integrated Ethernet connection option available
  • Tool Center Point Adapters available

  1. Use the Proper Conduit and Fittings
    Aluminum wire requires polymer conduit to ensure a smooth wire feed and no wire contamination that can be caused by steel-lined conduit. For stationary or low mobility applications, low friction Advanced Polymer Conduit is recommended (with brass or polymer-lined fittings). For high mobility robotic welding, choose Extreme Flex Conduit for Aluminum Wire.

  2. Straight is Great!
    The softness of aluminum wire means it is very sensitive to bends and turns in the wire delivery system. Sharp bends can recast the wire and cause excess friction, sometimes to the point of breaking the wire. For best results, design your aluminum wire delivery system with as few bends and turns as possible, but where you must have them...

  3. Use Wire Guide Modules on Corners
    Excess friction on aluminum wire results in poor wire delivery and unwanted downtime. It's important to remember, aluminum wire cannot drag around bends in the wire delivery system. To eliminate this, Wire Guide Modules use a series of rollers with bearings to allow wire to coast around bends and turns. This not only eliminates the friction on aluminum wire, but prevents it from being recasted as well.

  4. Avoid Bird-nesting at the Wire Feeder
    For aluminum and light wires with less column strength, special care must be taken to avoid wire delivery problems such as "bird-nesting" (see photo) at the wire feeder. The Wire Pilot® Feed Assist can prevent bird-nesting by providing a "push-pull" system at the wire source. Together with an optimized wire delivery setup, this can save hours of unnecessary downtime.

  5. Avoid Bird-nesting at the Drum
    Some manufacturers shy away from using bulk aluminum wire due to problems with tangling before the wire even leaves the package. Orbital Arm Kits with ceramic inlet guides reach down into the drum, providing an orbital rotation to gently dereel the wire and prevent tangling - keeping those birds out of your wire package!

Wire Guide Modules were utilized around each bend and corner in this aluminum wire application, keeping the conduit straight for smooth wire feeding.
Optimized wire delivery installation and photos courtesy of P.A. Robotics.


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