• 4/0 Cable with Straight & 65° Lugs

    PowerBall® Welding Cables feature an energy efficient design with enhanced conductivity. Traditional crimped welding cables commonly used in MIG welding provide poor conductivity and can even detach when crimped improperly. All-copper connection points with consolidated copper lug joints used in PowerBall® Welding Cables provide superior conductivity, with over 72% less electrical resistance at the cable joints. Stronger and more conductive cable joints provide improved electrical stability, reduced heat build-up and increased service life. Cables sold fully assembled with lugs, polymer strain reliefs and two copper nuts (standard 1/2-13 threads – click here for metric M12 threads). Patent pending design.

  • Magnetic Grounding Clamps

    Wire Wizard® Magnetic Grounding Clamps feature a copper grounding point for optimum conductivity. A dial turns the powerful magnet on to create an instant ground to flat or rounded surfaces. Simply turn the dial back to unclamp. Also eliminates the need for tacking on tabs in large sheet welding or pipe jobs. Provides grounding for up to 500 amps. Welding cable sold separately.

  • PowerBall® Copper Nuts

    These copper nuts are designed specifically for PowerBall® Welding Cables and Magnetic Ground Clamps. Built with solid copper for high conductivity, the rounded end creates a strong connection point at the lug with reduced electrical resistance. Available with standard 1/2-13 threads to fit most power source manufacturers and metric M12 x 1.75 threads used by European and Asian based manufacturers (verify threads on power source/feeder prior to ordering). Sold individually.

  • PowerBall® SAW Torch Kits

    The new PowerBall® SAW Torch redefines performance & durability for SAW welding torches. Utilizing the patent pending PowerBall® contact tip design with an all copper current path, the torch features 50% LESS electrical resistance than traditional SAW torch designs, resulting in energy efficient operation with longer lasting consumables. In a recent application, PowerBall® SAW contact tips lasted 5X longer than the previous tips used by the manufacturer!

  • PowerBall® SAW Contact Tips

    PowerBall® SAW Contact Tips are engineered for maximum conductivity and performance. These high performance tips last up to 5X longer or more than traditional tip designs. Featuring buttress threads for high axial force & better electrical contact. Currently available in common SAW wire sizes of 3/32″, 1/8″ and 3/16″. Boost the power of your torch with PowerBall® Contact Tips! Patent pending design. Must be ordered in quantities of 5.

  • COMMAND AIR Portable Aftercoolers

    COMMAND AIR Aftercoolers offer a portable solution for moisture removal from commercial air compressors. Suitable for most blasting applications, the COMMAND AIR 350 efficiently cools, filters and dries the hot moist air produced by air compressors. Built tough for portable applications, both aftercooler models features self-purging automatic drains, robust steel frame and airless tires for easy mobility. The 350 aftercooler is the ideal solution for supplying a single dry ice blaster, sand blaster, soda blaster or any other equipment requiring cool, dry air for operation. For heavy duty applications requiring a higher air flow or for running two machines/compressors simultaneously, choose the larger COMMAND AIR 700.

  • Blasting Nozzles

    A variety of blasting nozzles are available for different cleaning applications. The CO2MMANDO AP Dry Ice Blasting Machine includes one round nozzle (P/N: IB10G134) and one medium flow fan nozzle (P/N: IBN003).

  • Nozzle Extensions and Fittings

    Three nozzle extensions are available in 12″, 18″ and 24″ lengths.

    Nozzle adapter fittings (P/N: IB10G131) are recommended for additional nozzles. Using just one fitting will require removal and re-installation of fitting when changing nozzles.

  • Blasting Hose (25 ft)

    25′ (7.62 m) replacement blasting hose for the CO2MMANDO AP Dry Ice Blaster. Heavy duty with protective sleeve and control cable. Rated for 50-150 PSI to cover most blasting applications.

  • Replacement Storage Cover

    Replacement storage cover for the CO2MMANDO AP / CO2MMANDO 55 Dry Ice Blaster. Made from heavy duty tear resistant material.

  • Wire Feed Speed Sensor – In-line

    This hand-held, battery operated tachometer incorporates the latest single chip micro-circuit technology for high reliability and low maintenance. Capable of measuring and retaining RPH, RPM, FPH, FPM and MPH. Standard accessories included: 3-1/2″ (89mm) extension shaft, one funnel and two cone adapters, master wheel (6″ / 152mm) and carrying case. Manual application only. Does not take continuous readings.

  • Wire Feed Speed Sensor – Nozzle End

    This hand-held, battery operated tachometer incorporates the latest single chip micro-circuit technology for high reliability and low maintenance. Capable of measuring and retaining RPH, RPM, FPH, FPM and MPH. Feed wheels provide easy measurements at the torch end to verify and fine tune wire feed speed. Includes carrying case. Manual application only. Does not take continuous readings.

  • Wire Draw Gauge

    The Wire Wizard® Wire Draw Gauge is designed to accurately measure the draw weight of MIG welding wire pulling through the conduit. This allows the operator to troubleshoot wire delivery problems and check the amount of strain the wire is creating on the feed motor. Hand-held, battery powered (9-volt). Max pull weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg).

  • Wizard BOOM! Welding Booms

    Wizard BOOM!™ Welding Booms feature the Wire Guide Module® System along with the Wire Pilot® Feed Assist to provide a versatile welding boom suitable for all types of wire. With superior wire pulling capabilities, the boom can even reliably feed soft 4043 aluminum wire without the need for a push-pull welding gun. Fully articulated primary and secondary arms offer 280° rotation for excellent welder mobility & the portable base (optional) features fork pockets for easy handling.

  • Portable Base for Wizard BOOM!

    The portable base for Wizard BOOM! Welding Booms features fork pockets for easy handling along with built-in trays for the bulk wire package and power source. Heavy duty steel construction with adjustable floor levelers. Power source and wire package shown in photo not included.

  • Gas Wizard Inert Gas Savers – Adjustable

    Gas Wizard™ Inert Gas Savers are designed to reduce gas consumption by restricting the gas surge that occurs at arc initiation, saving 35% or more on shielding gas! The new Adjustable Gas Saver is ideal for virtually all welding applications and allows fine tuning of the gas flow, which is an added benefit for facilities utilizing long bulk gas delivery systems with pressure drops.