PowerBall® MIG Gun Diffusers

PowerBall® MIG Gun Diffusers

Diffusers for PowerBall® MIG Guns (all models). Thread-on and slip-on options available for both 7mm and 9mm contact tips.
Must be ordered in quantities of 5.

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PowerBall® Contact Tips & Diffusers provide an all-copper current pathway for maximum conductivity and performance. The torch tip seats seats firmly into a smooth elliptical mating geometry within the copper diffuser. Traditional tip designs lose conductivity at this connection point since they are typically flat or tapered, or utilize brass components with poor conductivity. Boost the power of your torch with PowerBall® Tips & Diffusers!

  • Better conductivity creates a longer lasting, high performance contact tip
  • Gas distribution & cooling chamber provides even gas flow to prevent contamination and turbulence around the weld pool as well as enhanced cooling for longer tip life
  • Reduces arc start failures and downtime
  • High axial force buttress threads provide a strong connection point that will not come loose

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