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The innovative Wire Guide Module uses a series of rollers with bearings to allow the weld wire to “coast” around bends and corners in the conduit, eliminating the points of high skid friction that occur in these areas. By eliminating this friction on the wire, it enables considerably longer conduit runs of 100 feet or more, allowing the wire package to be centrally located. Each 45° Wire Guide Module may be connected to additional modules to form turns of 90°, 135°, 180° or custom turns within the wire dispensing system. The module may be mounted directly on the drum cover, on the weld cell on in-line. Compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous wires, such as aluminum.

Now Available: New 90° Mini 5-inch radius Guide Module, ideal for tight spaces and connections at the feeder. Many new components available including the WGM-PFA-STAND, which may be used in overhead mezzanine applications as well as for adapting the Wire Pilot® Wire Feed Assist above the drum in combination with the Guide Module System. Click here for an updated printable flyer with all Guide Module components.

  • Eliminates friction on the wire in areas where bends/corners are necessary throughout the wire dispensing system
  • In product testing, the Wire Guide Module turned POUNDS of pull force at the feeder into OUNCES!
  • Low friction wire feeding improves weld consistency, eliminates arc failures and reduces downtime
  • Allows long distance conduit runs of 100 ft+
  • May be mounted to the drum cover, on the weld cell, or in-line - full selection of installation parts and accessories available
  • Compatible with both ferrous & non-ferrous wire
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE! (excludes damage caused by industrial contaminants)

Universal Drum Dolly
For Bulk Packages in all shapes and sizes up to 25" in diameter

The Universal Drum Dolly is designed for handling bulk wire drums of all shapes and sizes up to 25" in diameter. Compatible with round, square and octagon drums.

  Simple, reversible design - one side designed for large and one side for smaller drum packages
  1,000 lbs (453 kg) capacity

Hand-Held Wire Speed Sensor for Measurements at the Torch End

The HHSS-12 Hand-held Wire Speed Sensor has the same features as the standard HHSS Speed Sensor, only it's designed specifically for taking quick, yet accurate measurements at the end of the welding torch.

Fire Resistant Drum & Box Covers

These new durable covers provide effective protection of fiber or cardboard packaging located near the weld cell. Available for round, octagon or square bulk wire packages.

  Constructed of tough fire resistant PVC material
  OSHA & NFPA codes require fire protection for any combustible wire packaging within 35 ft (10.7m) of the arc

Wire Pilot™ All Environment Feed Assist MODEL PFA-WT & PFA-WT-DC

All Environment Drum Cart Package

The new Wire Pilot™ All Environment Wire Feed Assist has all the features and benefits of the original Wire Feed Assist with a weatherproof, heavy duty housing and fittings. Suitable for outdoor or indoor applications requiring protection from the operating environment. Uses same drive rolls as the standard Feed Assist.

  Ideal for use in shipyards, outdoor fabrication and other applications subject to extreme conditions
  Allows for the use of bulk wire in applications normally requiring spools on carts, resulting in significant cost savings on wire
  Enables longer conduit runs
  Eliminates drag coefficient inside the conduit
  Compatible with .035 to 5/32" ferrous or non-ferrous wire
  The All Environment Drum Cart Package includes cart with all terrain wheels, Feed Assist stand, weatherproof fittings and drum cover - USE BULK WIRE ANYWHERE!
  All Environment Feed Assist Packages may be customized for your welding application, contact customer service for details

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