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Gas Flow Optimization

Inert Gas Savers
Wire Wizard® Gas Savers cut gas usage and allow the ultimate fine tuning for inert gas! The gas saver works by restricting gas surge upon arc starts, and the included screen prevents blockage. After installing, manufacturers have seens an average of 35% in gas savings. Some manufacturers have even saved up to 50% on inert gas!

  Reduces gas consumption
  Restricts gas surge upon arc starts, screen also prevents blockage
  Can be installed on the inlet or outlet side of solenoid
  Flow jets can be changed depending on application

Inert Gas Savers & Jets (jets indicated numerically in part number)
Part #
Jet Location
5/8”-18 Male x 5/8”-18 Female (Adj.)
1/4”-18 Male NPT x 1/4”-18 Female NPT (Adj.)
1/4”-18 Male NPT x 5/8”-18 Female (Adj.)
GFJ-1, 2 or 3
1/4”-18 Male NPT x 5/8”-18 Female
Female End
GFJ-1A, 2A or 3A
5/8”-18 Male x 5/8”-18 Female
Male End
GFJ-1B, 2B or 3B
5/8”-18 Male x 5/8”-18 Female
Female End
GFJ-1D, 2D or 3D
1/4”-18 Male NPT x 1/4”-18 Female NPT
Male End
GFJ-F1, F2 or F3
1/4”-19 Male BSPP x 1/4”-19 Female BSPP
Female End
Part #
30 PSI
35 PSI
40 PSI
45 PSI
50 PSI
55 PSI
10 CFH
11 CFH
12 CFH
13 CFH
14 CFH
15 CFH
29 CFH
33 CFH
36 CFH
39 CFH
42 CFH
45 CFH
51 CFH
55 CFH
61 CFH
66 CFH
71 CFH
76 CFH

 • Jet #1 TIG (GTAW)
 • Jet #2 MIG (GMAW) Light Wire
 • Jet #3 MIG (GMAW) Heavy Wire

Manual Gas Flow Gauge MODEL EL-GFM

Measures the actual flow of shielding gas from the MIG/TIG torch, allowing adjustments to be made at the cylinder gauge if necessary. An economical solution for improving overall welding performance.

  Simple but functional design
  Measures gas flow consumption (l/min) at the nozzle
  Flexible hose for easier operator readings

Precision Portable Gas Flow Sensor MODEL EL-GMP

This hand-held digital sensor allows the operator to verify shielding gas flow rate at the weld tip with outstanding accuracy and response.

  For MIG or TIG torches
  Includes hose and filter assembly that fits over all nozzles
  Pre-calibrated for argon, C25, CO2 or any mixed inert shield gas

Weld Shield Gas Flow Switch MODEL EL-RVMU

Compact design provides reliable and accurate detection of excessive or insufficient flow rate at the weld point. Calibrated scale offers visual flow rate indication for quick and easy switch adjustment.

  Ideal for protecting against gas flow failure
  Corrosion-resistant stainless steel body mounts in any position
  Sends output to provide visual confirmation of gas flow

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